You can compete in the online digital marketing space & see results


Marketing technology moves at the speed of light and while you were busy running your business, you might have been left behind.

I keep up with the advances in Digital Marketing, and specialize in working with small business owners who need to overhaul their marketing efforts by implementing digital marketing programs for the first time.

When you hire me, we discuss your business goals and then I propose a plan for using current technology to turn your website into a lead and revenue generating machine.  

To get you into the digital marketing space, we...

  • Build a revenue-generating website
  • Create digital funnels to move your customers through the buyer's journey
  • Build online advertising programs using Google AdWords, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube & Twitter.
  • Create an analytics program so you can see your return on investment.

I earned a Master’s Degree in Psychology from the University of Missouri-Columbia and have spent the last decade learning how to convince potential customers like yours to buy more.

As your marketing consultant, I am dedicated to…

  • Working with business owners who struggle to understand and keep up with all the marketing technology that’s out there;
  • Leveling the playing field for business owners who are losing the battle against big box stores; and
  • Providing one-stop shopping for all the things you need to succeed in the digital marketing space, including:  videography, photography, web development and digital advertising management.

Check out this success story from one of my very first clients.

“I was out there trying to get the word out about my event designer business but it wasn’t going very well,” said Aaron of The Aaron White Project.  “Robert redesigned my website, built a social media campaign and my very next event increased ticket sales by more than 150%.  Totally recommend this guy!”

Get started today with a comprehensive assessment of your current website and a proposal for how we can use video, digital ads, email campaigns and a fresh website design to improve your sales and achieve your business goals.

I limit the number of small business owners I work with, so call today to get on the schedule for a digital marketing do-over.

My fees are based on my performance.  No increase in sales; no invoice to pay!

Digital Advertising

Facebook Ads   |   Google Adwords    |    Google Shopping    |  LinkedIn   |   Instagram

These tools are powerful and necessary in today's digital marketplace, but they aren't easy to use and mistakes can be costly.  I'm happy to help you build a digital advertising campaign that reaches exactly the right customers at exactly the right times with exactly the right messages.



Before you spend a ton of money on a fancy new website, answer a few basic questions first.

Why do I need a website?  What do I want the website to do for my business?  How can I lead people through a clear buyer's journey?

I can help you organize your website to make money before you ever start building it.  When we do this part first, you're website should pay for itself in the sales it generates.


Let's work together to make videos, photographs, webinars, e-mail campaigns and blog posts that achieve your business goals!  Achieving digital marketing goals requires your business be quick to adjust to changing markets.  I do video production and editing, photography, content writing and ad management in house.





Let's Chat

I created Open Roads Media specifically to help businesses like yours grow.  Let's get together and talk about your goals.