Video with a Purpose

Create a Video Marketing Strategy that Builds Your Business

Find out how you can use a series of videos to attract new customers, convert prospects into leads, close more sales and generate repeat business. In this free hour-long class, Video Marketing Strategist Robert Berlin shares an overview of how video can move customers through the sales funnel. He provides examples of successful marketing videos, explaining why they work and how you can create a successful video marketing strategy for your business.

In this SlideShare, we will discuss:

  • Why You Need Video to Develop Your Business
  • Four Types of Videos You Need Today
  • Where to Use Video for Maximum Effect
  • How to Get Started

My sincere hope is to share with you the critical questions you should ask yourself before you call the video production company.  If you have done your homework and really understand what problem you want a video to solve, then I believe you’ll be happier with the results and the production cost will likely be smaller.

I’m sure we don’t cover every thing you need to know about using video to promote your business.  So I’m happy to just get you started thinking about using video strategically and proactively to achieve your business goals.

You can click on the videos in the SlideShare to view some examples of videos that attract new customers, convert prospects into leads, close sales faster and generate repeat business.

You can also see a few examples of videos I’ve produced by going to the video page.

Click to view Google Slides

Click to Download the 4-Page Video with a Purpose Workbook

If you want to up your content marketing game,

I highly recommend reading the following books!

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Have Questions About Using Video in Your Business?

Post your questions, comments and concerns below, and I’ll answer them here.  You probably aren’t the only one struggling to figure this stuff out, so share your thoughts here for others to learn from them.

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