Need Video Ideas?

We have scanned the internet universe in search of types of videos that help breweries, taprooms, wineries and distilleries attract new customers and bring current customers back for more.  Here's what we recommend and why...


You have a lot of beers on tap and not every customer is a beer expert.  We make 15- to 30-second featured beverage videos you can use on your menu or a dedicated display to help customers learn about the features and benefits of the beverage.  Now you can focus on pouring beer!  These work on social media too...


Keep your customers in the loop with weekly, bi-weekly or monthly update videos.  We shoot video of you telling your customers what's coming up and encouraging them to come on out for some fun!  These videos are 1-minute long and are perfect for posting to your Facebook Page and Instagram.


Capture more attention by using video on your Facebook Page and Website. It may see like a small thing, but in this crowded marketplace, even one additional second on page makes a difference.


Sure there are some fancy automated video menus out there you can buy, but dang, they're expensive.  We can make a video menu for you that won't break the bank.  Need changes today?  No problem.  Send us your change request and we'll send back the updated video menu by 3pm same day.


Want to promote a product in your store? Have an event coming up?  Need to build up more food truck business?  Do you want to promote a band that will be playing this weekend?  We've got you covered.


After the big event, folks can't wait to show people how much fun they had.  We show up to your event, capture tons of footage of people having a great time and turn it into a video summary of what happened.  The best part, though, is that we now have footage in storage to use as a promo video next years event.


Want to increase sales of a specific product?  Giving your customers a creative idea for a drink recipe will do the trick.  We make short videos showing the ingredients and steps to make a cocktail-of-the-week.  Post that to your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and your Pay-per-Click ad campaign with a promotional offer to increase sales.


Sometimes your customers just want to know more about you and your business.  We make brand videos where you have a chance to tell your business story and help people connect to your brand.



Grab your website visitor's attention with a rotating image of your craft beverage.  Place that image on your website page where you feature your craft beverage lineup.


Video grabs attention better than images and text in your pay-per-click advertising campaigns.  Find out how you can use video to increase your PPC success.